Membership details

Upcoming Schedules

Before Tier 1 publishes any new swim workout schedule or session additional days, you'll get access to it first and be able to pre-register should you choose to.

Free Sunday Session.

Be part of the random monthly drawing for a free Sunday session.  Up to four per year.

Attendance Policy

You can cancel and reschedule as many sessions as needed for any level including private sessions. The 24 hour notice will still apply.   

Free Private Session

Two private sessions included per year of active membership.

Start, Turn and Stroke Drill Webisodes

As they become available, you'll have access to all the videos we offer of Tier 1 Coaches preforming drills, proper stroke, turn and finish techniques.  You'll be able to view and download them anytime.  Videos will be posted on the Members Only page.

Video Calls With Coach Russ

You'll get two video calls with Coach Russ to discuss your competitive swimming questions.  This offers you an opportunity to set up a plan for training and competition, review and adjust training as needed, analyze videos or races, reinforce important swimming techniques, and get motivated.

  • Please send any video(s) at least 48 hours prior to call.
  • Two calls per year must be used within the year starting with the date of signup. Calls do not roll over to following year and will be forfeited if missed. Cancellation or missed scheduled calls will be forfeited 

Free And Discounted Apperal

You'll get free and discounted Tier 1 apparel, bags, towels, etc.  Discounted pricing will be posted on the Members Only page. 

Ok, I'm interested, How do I get it?

All you need to do to join is email Russ@Tier1Swimming and ask to be a member. There is an annual fee of $250.  Memberships will continue for one year from the date of your payment.  

Tier 1 Aquatics All Sport and Diabetes Education Campus.

Get updates to whats happening, where we're building and whats going into this amazing building.  Give us your input, let us know what you'd like to see and how Tier 1 can improve people and families.