Tier 1 Sessions Remain Closed Until All Pools Open Again

Updated on March 28, 2020

No definitive information from any and all facilities Tier 1 partners with has been given regarding when pools will reopen.   

That doesn't mean we're not helping swimmers.  We're always posting helpful things on 

Youtube, FaceBook, Instagram, TicTock and multiple Podcasts.   

Between Season Workouts

March 16 - May 15

Workouts have filled to capacity and registration has closed.  

If you were not able to register and are still interested, please email russ@Tier1Swimming.com as I may be able to open an additional hour 

(7p - 8p, same days) if there is enough swimmers.

Workout Challange

Can You Do It?

Latest Testimonial

Michael swam 7 races this weekend at Junior Olympics,  improved times on 5 of them, including 1st place on 100 Back .

Lane 3 wins by .15 seconds

Michael (Tier 1) swimming in lane 3, won against lane 4 because of his finish.  Pool Awareness and FINGERTIPS!!

Perfect finish Michael.  Great Job.  Great Win!! 

Hard work pays off

Congratulations Emma for breaking the Berks County 50m breaststroke record.  We worked hard for it and YOU DID IT!!  We're all so very proud of you.

For The parents

This is a fantastic video by Walter Bond about inspiring our kids.  Tier 1 is based on this very idea.  When a kid believes in him or herself, amazing things can (and do) happen.  It's not about where you come from....It's about where you want to go.

How we do it

Who We Are

A Few Testimonials

Why Choose Tier 1


Our number 1 job is to create faster, smarter, stronger swimmers.

Why Choose Tier 1

A Few Testimonials

Why Choose Tier 1


Giving all our swimmers the attention they deserve

A Few Testimonials

A Few Testimonials

A Few Testimonials


What are people saying about Tier 1?

Our Coaches

Registration - Pricing

A Few Testimonials


You can't have a great swim clinic without having a great team of coaches to implement it. 

Registration - Pricing

Registration - Pricing

Registration - Pricing


Learn about all the Tier 1 Training Levels and how scheduling works. Sessions are held on Sundays and/or by appointment.

Learn To Swim Lessons

Registration - Pricing

Registration - Pricing


Tier 1 also offers 'Swimming Lessons'.  Giving our youngest swimmers a very strong foundation to propel themselves into competitive swimming.

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Tier 1 Swimming

Albright College, 1621 N 13th St, Reading, Pennsylvania 19604, United States

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