Who We Are

We Build The Fastest Swimmers In The Pool


Our Number 1 Job Is To Make Swimmers Faster (That's all we do and we're good at it)

Tier 1 Swimming offers specialized Competitive Swim Clinics, Camps and Workouts that focus on ​starts, turns, finishes and stroke refinement.  These are four critical skills that competitive swimmers, need to master, in order to win races and break records.  It's about being a little faster than you were last week.  A little stronger.  It's about gaining the competitive edge and separating yourself from the competition.  Swimming is a sport of inches and 100th's of seconds.  When swimmers shave off all those seconds, they get personal bests, win more races and break records. 

This is happening right now with every Tier 1 Swimmer.  

Tier 1 uses two separate HD above/below water camera stations to analyze all swimmer movements in the water.  Coaches review the film with each individual swimmer. This provides each swimmer with the ability to see their movements on film, pinpoint problems and correct them.  This provides a tremendous advantage to Tier 1 Swimmers.  We have a very low swimmer to coach ratio; maximum of 3 swimmers to 1 coach.  Depending on sign-ups and number of coaches present, at times we have 1 swimmer to 1 coach or 2 swimmers to 1 coach.  Never over 3:1.  We do this to maximize our time with each swimmer and provide peer learning/support opportunities.​ 


The 3 most important skills every competitive swimmer needs.

  1. Starts - One of the most important skills a swimmer can have is a fast start from the blocks. It is a tremendous advantage to be able to get off the block faster than the competition. The type of start a swimmer uses can have a significant impact on the speed at which a swimmer leaves the block and the distance to water entry.  Tier 1 works with the swimmer on the two front starts, the two back starts and the two relay starts.  Individual review and video analysis of all starts.
  2. Turns - The majority of swimmers lose valuable time at the walls and are forced to play catch-up swimming down the lane.  Tier 1 works with the swimmer on the four standard turns and the 3 individual medley turns.  Individual review and video analysis of all turns.
  3. Finishes -  A well thought out finish is crucial to winning races.  Many races are lost by tenths of seconds because ​​swimmers finish the race on a half stroke or a long stretch.  Tier 1 works with the swimmers on all four finishes.  Individual review and video analysis of all finishes.​​


Stroke Refining

​​Yes, races are won with great starts, turns and finishes, but without great stroke technique, your competition will catch you between the walls.  Tier 1 swimmers are filmed above and below the water line from various angles while swimming down the lane.  This allows coaches to pinpoint problems and work with swimmers using stroke specific drills.  Many of these drills were developed by Tier 1 and used only at Tier 1.  This is why Tier 1 swimmers develop the speed needed to drop time and win races. 

 Why Tier 1 Swimming was started.
I became a competitive swimmer at 7 years old.  I swam for the team at the local lake in the summer and the YMCA in the winter.  A lot of time was spent on starts and turns.  But that changed when I entered the 9-10 age group.  The majority of time in the pool was spent swimming back and forth, lap after lap.  Not much time was spent on starts, turns and finishes.  When I was 10 or 11 years old, one of the best coaches I ever had, Carmen, stopped me while I was in the pool and said that I didn’t need to touch the wall before I started my flip turn.  I couldn’t believe how a simple correction could cut so much time off my races.  With Carmen’s help, I began analyzing my turns during practice, trying different techniques and seeing which ones produced a faster turn.  Before long I had an incredibly fast freestyle flip turn.  After a while I started winning races, not just because I was fast, but because of my flip turns.  This got me thinking, if I could develop a quicker start and finish as well, I would be unstoppable.  So as I got older, I worked on my starts, turns and finishes more and more.  I went from being a fast swimmer, to becoming a record breaker, taking first place in many top swim meets and going undefeated season after season, all because I developed incredibly fast starts, turns and finishes. 

After college, my swimming career ended.  Time went on and I got a job, married a beautiful woman and started a family with 3 gorgeous children. 

A few years ago, 2 of my children became competitive swimmers.  I saw the very same thing happening to them during swim practice that happened to me, monotonous back and forth swimming, up and down the lane.  Although this is important in becoming a good swimmer, it does nothing to develop the skills needed to become a great swimmer.  The greats have quick, powerful starts; fast, stable turns and strong, smooth finishes.  The is why I developed Tier 1 Swimming, to make good swimmers, great swimmers, by offering a distinctively, uncommon swim clinic that focuses on what swimmers need to win races and break records.  Being the most valuable swimmer on the team is an awesome accomplishment.  My goal is to have all Tier 1 swimmers become the most valuable swimmer on their team.