Workouts have filled to capacity and registration has closed.  

If you were not able to register and are still interested, please email as I may be able to open an additional hour 

(7pm - 8pm, same days) if there is enough swimmers.

Between Season workouts

The Between season 'IS' the season. Work hard until showtime.

Registration has closed (See above)

March 16 - May 15

Mondays - Wednesdays - Fridays

6:00pm - 7:00pm


Tier 1 workouts are consistently producing faster, smarter, competitive swimmers.


  • Open to all competitive swimmers, boys and girls, 8 years and older.  Sessions are all age appropriate.
  • ​Swimmers will benefit from the distinctively, uncommon workouts and drills offered only at Tier 1.
  • Sessions include stroke specific drills proven to produce exceptional swimmers.  Workout sets and drills range from easy, semi-difficult.  All age and ability appropriate.
  • Sessions are not typical of what swimmers are used to. Sessions are designed to be different, because that's what produces results.
  • ​No boring back and forth swimming.  We incorporate starts, turns, finishes and stroke refining into shortened training sets, keeping things fun, while learning better technique.
  • Swimmers will learn techniques that will have them dropping time and swimming smarter.
  • Tier 1 coaches will be on hand to work with swimmers individually, as needed, working on proper form and technique that builds faster swimmers.
  • There are no make up days, refunds for missed days or partial signups.