A Few Testimonials

What Are People Saying

Russ, I wanted to let you know that Kenzie dropped 9 seconds off her 500 free best time last night.  More importantly I wanted to let you know that her HS coach told her that her underwater were perfect and he really loves them!!

More time drops for Bret,  He dropped 1.77 Seconds In The 100 IM.   2.19 Seconds In The 50 Butterfly and 11.28 Seconds In The 100 Freestyle.

"Hi Russ, I wanted to let you know Mikayla's backstroke turns looked much better in her last meet.  She dropped 3 1/2 seconds off her 100 time.  Her butterfly was good, too. She dropped just over 3 seconds in her 50.  She dropped 2 seconds in her 100 free, too.  I really think working with you one on one helped her a lot.  She swam with such confidence that I haven’t seen since she was younger"  Thank you again.

"Bret did great at the last USA meet.  He dropped 15.82 seconds in the 200 freestyle, dropped 5.77 seconds in the 50 breaststroke and dropped 5.64 seconds in the 100 IM."

Tier 1 Coaches Note:  Bret began swimming with Tier 1 just a few weeks ago when he signed up for the Between Season Workouts.  Coaches are excited and very happy for Bret.  

Marie made Zones for the first time since becoming a swimmer!!  We are very proud of her.  Thanks so much, she loves working with you.

"I wanted to share with you that (our daughters) coaches used her start as an example for the developing groups at practice.  She was very proud.  She also went from being one of the last kids off the blocks to one of the first.  She has consistently dropped time in fly, breast and free all season long and went from being in the middle of the pack to being one of the stronger kids on the team.  It's neat to see too because she's gained confidence that wasn't there before.  A sincere thanks for the help and confidence your program has given the kids"

 "I just wanted to pass along that Taylor won her heat in an invitational last weekend.  Her coach for the winter team made a point to come over and tell Taylor that she won because of her start and turn.  It's something she never focused on until you helped her. Thanks for the help.  Taylor also dropped 7 seconds in her 100 backstroke."  

"Maddie won her heat today and dropped 7 seconds in her 50 free!"

 "Russ, my coach said I have the best backstroke start on the Team!!!!!.  I was just like, "thanks, I've been working on it" and I thought of you".

B just won the 50 fly at 31.82...and Broke the GM Age group record from 1983😳

Hi! Kaylee just went a 40.68 & dropped over 5 seconds! 8th overall where she was seated 18th👍


​"Kenzie had her best 100 fly time today.  She took 3.5 seconds off her best time"  Thanks for the extra time you spent with her.

"[Our son] just qualified for JO's today.......Thanks for all the time you spend with him. He made it because of you.  See you next Sunday."  I responded with, "He made it because he worked hard for it, I only gave him the tools.  See you Sunday"

"The girls did great today! Autumn and Mariella had personal bests in all events".

​Kenzie had a great day today!  4 best times!  Took almost 2 seconds off her  50 breast and 1 second off her 50 free... and split a 33 in the free relay!  Thanks for your help.  We'll be back soon!

​Olivia swam a 33.36 and placed 2nd overall!!  Dropped 1.56!!!

Owen moved up 3 lanes in practice last night.   I wish you could have seen the accomplishment written all over his little face.

Hey Russ, K just got a 31.6 in 50 fly...fastest by 4 seconds!!!

Hi Russ. Two JO times today...50 free and back #Tier1Swimming

 ​"Kenzie had her best 100 fly time today.  She took 3.5 seconds off her best time"  Thanks for the extra time you spent with her. 

Audrey dropped 43.88 seconds off her 400 IM - 2.65 off her 200 free - 17.75 off her 500 free - 6.57 seconds off her 200 IM.