Why Choose Tier 1

Every Tier 1 Swimmer Has Improved Time Since Training With Us.


  • At Tier 1 our goal is to offer every swimmer a challenging, educational and fun experience.  Swimmers who attend our clinics become faster through a combination of mental, technical and physical training  
  • Very low swimmer to coach ratio; maximum of 3 swimmers to 1 coach. This eliminates the 'Stand Around & Wait Time' seen at so many other swim camps.(Depending on sign-ups, at times we have 1 swimmer to 1 coach or 2 swimmers to 1 coach) 
  • ​Above and below water filming of all the front starts and back starts, relay starts and the four turns (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle)
  • ​Individual review and film analysis of the front starts, back starts, relay starts and all four turns​
  • Coaches review the film with each individual swimmer.  This provides each swimmer with the ability to see their movements on film, pinpoint problems and correct them
  • All coaches are products of Tier 1. They're all very fast, outstanding, motivated people who take every step possible to stimulate your love for swimming in a positive environment 
  • ​We utilize a Rolling Swim Schedule.  No set schedule, start the clinic when you want



  • Exclusively designed for aspiring, competitive swimmers. We offer 6 levels of coaching personalized to various skill levels
  • ​Positive reinforcement, confidence building, and increasing our swimmers’ self-esteem​
  • ​Benefit from a top swim clinic specializing in what swimmers need the most
  • Swim clinics are held year round, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
  • ​Achievements recognized no matter how small
  • Unequaled in-water training and instruction
  • ​First-rate pool and athletic facilities​​​​