Private Elite (Mini)

Ten Private One Hour Sessions - $500


Swimmers are scheduled for a total of ten, one hour private training sessions.  These are not swim practice sessions, these are training workouts built for each swimmer's individual needs.  Swimmers who have attended Private Elite sessions have qualified for States, JO’s and YMCA Nationals as well as break numerous records.  All have dropped significant time.

  • Private in pool swim training any time, any day the pool is available.........5am practices change people.  (You want to win, train when the competition sleeps)
  • Work privately on Starts, Turns, Pool Location Awareness Techniques, Race Finishing and Stroke Refining.
  • Difficult and proprietary training sessions are incorporated and designed to work each swimmer very hard, taking them out of their comfort zone and into a transcending zone.  This effectively creates a faster swimmer.  These specific training days include 'Speed', 'Wind' and 'Drag' sets.
  • Start Drills, Turn Drills and Finishing Drills are incorporated into sessions greatly improving speed in these three critical areas
  • Camera systems are used to film the swimmer.  Film is analysed with the coach on a private bases.   

The fine print.

  • Private in pool training sessions are scheduled any day of the week, at any time.  Your pool or Albright's pool. (1)
  • Private coaches make every effort to accommodate swimmers schedules for sessions. Life happens fast. Rarely do schedules conflict, but it may happen. (1)
  • The number of hours available to the swimmer is 10. 
  • Personal Elite Swim Coaching 'Mini' is $500.  ($250 at registration and $250 at session 5)  
  • There is a 4 month time limit for using your ten sessions.
  • You can schedule 2 paid trial sessions.  If you continue, you will need to schedule the additional 8 sessions.
  • Regardless of how payment is made, the Tier 1 Attendance Policies apply to all Private Sessions.

(1) -Based on Coach, Facility and Pool Availability

If interested in signing up, please email:

Or call:

(484) 300-8768