Silver Level

Four, One Hour Sessions


Four, One Hour Sessions This clinic uses camera systems capable of filming above and below the water line. Every aspect of the swimmers starts, turns and finishes are individually reviewed and analyzed in slow motion. Coaches review the film with each individual swimmer.  This provides each swimmer with the ability to see their movements on film, pinpoint problems and correct them.  The clinic utilizes a maximum ratio of 3 swimmers to 1 coach. Depending on sign-ups, at times we have 1 swimmer to one coach or 2 swimmers to 1 coach.

We focus on the Front Starts, Back Starts and Relay Starts.  Cameras are used to film the swimmers stance and take off from the blocks, entrance into the water, streamline and breakout to the surface. One of the most important skills a swimmer can have is a fast start from the blocks. It is a tremendous advantage to be able to get off the block faster than the competition.  Swimmers learn techniques for developing a stronger, faster start than the competition.   

We focus on the four turns, Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle. Cameras are used to film above and below the water line showing the swimmer what they are doing correctly and incorrectly, and how to improve. The majority of swimmers lose valuable time at the walls and are forced to play catch-up swimming down the lane. We make swimmers turns faster and stronger using proven techniques. Swimmers also approach a turn in-between strokes.  Do you take another stroke or glide into the wall?  Neither are ideal.  We coach on making adjustments 2 or 3 strokes before the turn, to hit each turn perfectly. 

We focus on the four finishes into the wall.  Cameras are used to film above and below the water line to show swimmers what they look like coming into the wall and how to improve.  So often in a race, swimmers will approach the finish in-between strokes. Do you take another stroke or glide into the wall?  Neither are ideal. Races are won and lost because of poor timing into a finish.  We coach swimmers on pool awareness to help avoid this. 

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